Friday, September 12, 2014

Consumer Behavior: The Giving Keys

For some reason I am always drawn to retailers that do something for the community, whether it is giving a portion of the proceeds or devoting time to a specific cause. The Giving Keys is one of the most beautiful and inspiring ways of giving back that I have seen in awhile.

Basically, you purchase a key that has a word on it. The words are ones that inspire and mean something to the person wearing it. The person that purchases the key wears it for as long as needed and when ready, generously gives it to another. It is such a simple concept, yet so unbelievably emotional. It is like giving a little bit of your strength to somebody else and that is truly something to smile about.

I think this is a brilliant marketing strategy. Not only are you getting a product that inspires, but you are helping others in the process and who wouldn't want that? The keys are reused and are all unique. This and the fact that you get to choose a special person that will have the key after you really puts an emotional connection to the purchase. If a company can make an emotional connection with the consumer, they are in it for the long run.

If you would like to purchase a key or read some of the stories go to:

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