Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Consumer Behavior: Womanly Woes

Hello! For the next thirteen weeks I will be writing posts for one of my courses called Consumer Behavior. I love the class and so I thought this assignment to write blog posts regarding the tactics of consumers would provide some fresh content.  I am excited to get started, so here we go!

Reading the latest fashion magazines and catching up on celebrity news has given me a new look on womanly woes. In today's society, not only do we have to worry about problems such as wrinkles, menstrual cycles and the dreaded menopause, but also body image. Magazines and clothing company's display the most beautiful women in their ads. They have every asset any woman would want. Men want to be with them and women want to be them. Sex or sexiness does indeed sell, but at what cost?

I remember being ten years old and being uncomfortable with the way that I look. I don't know whether or not the beauty and clothing industries are to blame, but they probably made some sort of mark on my young mind whether I knew it or not. I remember seeing the ladies posing in the magazines and dreaming of becoming a model. This is of course preposterous because I am definitely below the height requirement and am missing the sharp cheekbones. It really wouldn't work out.

Dove, the cosmetics company, has been campaigning for body confidence for several years now. This video shows the impact that these industries have on young girls. Advertisements are constantly thrown in their face regarding the perfect skin or the perfect body. And let me tell you, we as women soak it up!! I find myself seeing a commercial and rushing to the store to try out the latest product that will transform me into something I'm not. It is a lure that is difficult to resist.

Women consumers are extremely vulnerable to today's advertisements because really all we want is to feel beautiful and have others see us as so. I would by lying if I said that being called pretty or beautiful didn't make me feel good. As consumers, we buy those products that will help us achieve that sought after attention.

My first year of college was filled with heartbreak, new experiences and learning a little bit about who I really am. It sounds so cliche, but I found that you can't buy beauty. I can buy as many lipsticks and mascaras as I want, but when I look in the mirror I will still see the same me. My mother always told me that beauty comes from the inside. It is such an overused statement, but I find it to be true. When I focus on being kind and compassionate to others, I find I can look in the mirror without a hint of a grimace.

I think if advertisers were to put more ads out there displaying the average independent woman that helps others and accomplishes goals, like Dove, we could rid ourselves of one more womanly woe. Women consumers could turn down the lure of perfection and diminish the body confidence issue. It is probably easier said than done, but hey, great things don't come easy (I had to use one more cliche).  So for all you girls out there, be beautiful for who you are, not the makeup or clothing you buy.

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