Thursday, October 30, 2014

Consumer Behavior: Goodbye Oscar de la Renta

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Hello everyone. Today's post is to mourn and celebrate the life of one of my favorite designers, Oscar de la Renta. This post is a little late because he passed on October 20th, but it is never too late to honor someone and the impact they made on this world.

I have always loved Oscar's pieces, but my hardcore adoration started when I was a senior in high school. I had to do a project for my Spanish class and I chose to research him and his influence on the fashion industry.  I gained so much respect for him after completing this project.

Oscar de la Renta created gowns for people spanning from first ladies to major Hollywood stars. In my opinion, there was really no one he couldn't design for. All of his accomplishments and breaking of barriers in the industry deserve much recognition. His legacy will truly live on forever.

These are a few of my favorites by him :)
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 As a consumer, Oscar de la Renta's death really makes me wonder what will happen to his brand now. How will it change without the mastermind? I am sure it is in good hands, but it definitely will not be the same without Oscar calling the shots. I am excited to see how his legacy will live on even though he is gone.

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