Thursday, October 16, 2014

Consumer Behavior: Make-Up Free Allure Cover

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Hello friends! I hope all is well :) So I just saw this November cover for Allure magazine and I am in awe! Kerry Washington has always been a fashion idol for me. She is very classy, yet her style is simple. Not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous. If you couldn't tell from previous posts I am all about natural beauty. I love that she went makeup free on a well known magazine. I think it demonstrates her confidence and her "I don't care what people think," attitude. I love it!

In terms of consumer behavior I think it is a fantastic marketing technique. I want to purchase this magazine more because it is so natural. If I pick up a magazine and think to myself, I could never look like that, then what good is it doing me? None at all. Obviously this is my personal opinion, but this look is so beautiful. I am more willing to buy a magazine or anything for that matter if the look is attainable.

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