Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Consumer Behavior: #PinkPonyPromise

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite brands and this truly just touched me. October is breast cancer awareness month and is a cause close to my heart. Not only do I know people who have had breast cancer, it is also my sorority's philanthropy. We work hard all year to promote awareness and raise money for research. Ralph Lauren contributing to the cause really got me excited!!

During the month of October, you can post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or the web page and add #PinkPonyPromise and $10 will be donated to cancer related causes. That is it. That's all you have to do. How amazing is that? 

I find this inspiring. I think what Mr. Lauren is doing is using his resources to make a change in the world and that shows something of his character. I can honestly say I will buy more of his merchandise because of what he is doing. I love retailers that do this sort of thing because I know my money is going to something greater. You go Ralph Lauren!!


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