Sunday, October 12, 2014

Consumer Behavior: Salon 01

Hello everyone! It is currently my fall break, which is much needed after a rough and busy couple weeks of school. Yesterday, I decided to start my break off right by giving my hair a little tender love and care. Lately, I have been noticing a difference in the thickness of my hair. I wanted to get a layered cut to give it more definition and body. I chose a well known local salon that I hadn't been to before. I absolutely loved the experience and the finished product. I will definitely be going back. 
The salon is called Salon 01 and is located in the Carmel area. I loved the layout of the salon and how they intermixed retail into their space. They also gave me a tour and explained the different services that they offered, which I thought was fabulous. 

The stylist who worked on my hair was excellent. She listened intently to what I wanted and also gave her opinion about what she thought would be beneficial for my hair, without being pushy. At the end of the appointment I left feeling special and I loved the way my hair looked.

Salon 01 really does a great job in ensuring that their customers have the ultimate experience. I received a small goodie bag at the end for being a new customer. This demonstrated to me that the salon cares not only about their loyal customers, but their new ones as well. I can't say enough good things about this salon. If you are ever in need of getting your hair done and live in the Indianapolis area, I would strongly suggest checking it out!!

Here is the website

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