Thursday, November 13, 2014

Consumer Behavior: Nordstrom Rack Online

Hello everyone! It is the onslaught of winter here in the Midwest and I truly could not be more excited. With winter comes the lovely holiday season filled with lights, songs, cookies and gift giving. I have just been told that Nordstrom Rack is now officially online, which will make my gift giving a tad easier this year. This is super exciting to me because I love the store, but unfortunately there isn't one on campus (shocking I know!).

 Nordstrom Rack is essentially a store full of discounted items from the regular Nordstrom stores. It is a great place to get all those desired pieces without burning a hole in your pocket! It's perfect for holiday shopping because it can be a one stop shop if you are looking for clothes, shoes or accessories.

I think this is a fantastic strategy for Nordstrom to put the Rack online. Shopping experiences are changing and a lot of consumers find it more convenient to skip out on all the hustle and bustle and to just get their gifts delivered straight to their doors. It was also very savvy of them to introduce this before the holiday season. I believe that they will definitely see a lot of traffic on their site in the coming months.

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