Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Consumer Behavior: ShopSavvy

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying this lovely Monday :) I came across this app today and I am addicted. Focusing in class was a struggle because of this wonderful application. 

I am one of those people that is always looking for a sale. Why buy something full price when you can buy it on sale, am I right?! This app finds ALL the sales and puts them out there for you to see! And the best part is it isn't just clothes. You can filter the sales by what you are looking for. I am always looking for the clothing sales, but that's just my personal preference :) The filters include clothes, sports, kids, health, electronics, home and entertainment. That just about covers all the bases! Isn't this life changing? 

One thing that I thought was very cool was that you can create an account, which will give you the opportunity to make lists of your favorite items or sales. I am truly fascinated! 

I believe this is an awesome tool for consumers as well as retailers. I seem to always miss the sale because I never know about them. Well not anymore! I will constantly be on top of the best prices with this app. Retailers could get so much more traffic with this app because consumers will know about the sale without even going to the store or hearing about it. It's brilliant. 

If you are a bargain shopper like me, check out the app! It's FREE :)

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