Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leadership: Stand

Hello! I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday and staying warm for those of you in the Midwest. Yesterday I had a pretty bad day. I interviewed for something and unfortunately I didn't end up getting it. Sure this happens all the time, but to be quite frank rejection is never fun. It makes you question what about you wasn't good enough for the job. It makes standing back up and brushing yourself off a real challenge. But that's the only thing you can really do about it. A lot of times it is easy for us to dwell on what didn't happen instead of focusing on what did. I learned a lot from the interview and met some amazing people. Now I need to stand back up and move on. There is something greater out there for me and I may not know exactly what it is yet, but I have to hope.

So if any of you have been in a similar situation just remember that there are so many opportunities out there. Do not get discouraged if you end up not getting what you want. There is something better out there for you, I promise.

Have a wonderful day :D

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