Sunday, January 18, 2015

Leadership: The Lollipop Moment

Hello! Here is another post about leadership for my class, but oh is it a good one. I have been shown this TED talk several times, and every time it manages to get me excited not only about life, but the small things in life. For those of you that don't know, TED talks are short talks that spread ideas and motivate. There are talks regarding every subject you could possibly think of, and if you happen to come by some free time I strongly recommend just browsing their website. Be careful though because I have been on there for hours!!

This particular talk is by Drew Dudley and it is called, "Everyday Leadership." Every time I watch it I pick something new out that I can apply to my life. The premiss is basically that you don't have to accomplish anything grand to be a leader. Some of the best leaders thrive on those moments in everyday life where they simply make an impact even if it is miniscule. That minuscule impact could mean the world to someone else. And isn't life about helping the people around us? Watch it and see what I mean : )

Here is the link to the TED website:

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