Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leadership: BMOC

Yay!! Spring is just around the corner which means a big event is coming up on campus. Not only is it important to the university, it is also extremely important to me. I am in a sorority and our philanthropy benefits breast cancer awareness and education. Now, you are probably thinking oh it's just another way to raise money for another cause, but I have learned that it's so much more than that. 

The event is called BMOC (Big Man on Campus) and it is essentially a male talent show. The event is fun, exciting and competitive, but behind the singing and joke telling is a story. A story of people affected by breast cancer. A story of triumph. A story of battles. A story of defeat.  I can honestly say this isn't just another philanthropy. This event makes an impact. And isn't that one of our main purposes in this life?  Whether the impact is on those who are benefitting from the money raised or the survivors sitting in the audience enjoying the show, I know that by participating in such an event, I helping those around me.

I can't describe the feeling, so I encourage you all to watch the video from last year's show so you understand the emotion involved.


This event shows how a community can get together and lead people to help others. Leadership doesn't simply fit into a business oriented spectrum. Leadership can be found everyday. You just have to seek it out and CHOOSE to do something about it. Nothing will change unless we consciously decide on working to make a difference. I know that one day cancer will be cured. It may not occur in my lifetime, but the amazing thing is that I helped. I helped kick cancer's butt. And that is something I will never forget or regret.

So I challenge you to go find your cause and change the world. No one will do it if you don't.

Here is the link for more information about BMOC: http://www.bmocpurdue.com

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