Friday, June 19, 2015

A Taste of Borough Market

Yay! It is officially Friday and we have made it to the weekend! I hope everyone's day is going well. 

This morning I crossed one more London market off my list! I visited Borough Market and tasted all that it had to offer. :)

The Borough market is located near London Bridge and is known for its food. It appeared to me that one side of the market offered ready made food and the other had fresh produce. It was quite the one stop shop for anything cooking related! 

You all probably think I have switched from blogging about fashion to blogging about food, but that's not the case! I have just come across some amazing eats here in London and I can't resist sharing them with you!

At the market I ate this truly amazing grilled cheese sandwich. I thought I could make a pretty great grilled cheese, but this one blew mine out of the water! 

And for dessert I had one of these extremely decadent and overly large dark chocolate chip cookies.  Let's just say I had a really good day of eating. :)

If you are a foodie or just love to cook and are in London go to the Borough Market. I guarantee you won't leave with an empty stomach!

Have a grand day!

Morgan xx


  1. I bought fresh berries when I was there last summer! So cheap and yummy! (Berries are a big deal for me because I'm from Asia lol)

    1. The fresh produce looked absolutely amazing! I'm glad you got some! :)


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