Friday, June 5, 2015

Carry On Essentials

As my trip gets closer I am scurrying trying to make sure everything is in order! But don't fret I posted this like I promised :)

These are my carry on essentials. Everyone is different so everyone will have unique must have travel items, but these are just a few of mine.

The flight is about 6 hours for me which is a decent amount of time! These things will be my best friend  during the flight. Let's get started!

1. Book- I mentioned this book in a previous post and I plan on reading it on my flight. Bringing a book on a long flight is the best because you can easily finish it!

2. Blanket Scarf- It can be a little chilly in London so I wanted a big scarf I could just throw on. Not only that, but it doubles as a blanket! I am finicky about using the airline blankets because of germs! This doubles as a blanket and a scarf, so it's win-win.

3. Small Planner- I purchased this small pocket planner so I could easily schedule my days on the flight. I want to plan out everything so I don't miss a site or a fun market! You can find these at Target or Walmart for a few dollars.

4. Lotion- The airplane air can be extremely dry and I have sensitive skin. I always bring a small lotion to put on if my hands if they start to crack. This one is the Sleep lotion from Bath & Body Works :)

5. Wallet- This is probably the most important thing. You want to make sure you have your ID, money, and passport. Without these you will be doomed. Always double check to make sure you have them and put them in a safe place in your carry on.

6. Water Bottle- To get through security the bottle must be empty so make sure there isn't any liquid in it! This will be a lot cheaper than buying a water bottle before your flight, plus you will have it with you once you get to your destination, which will be nice.

7. Cords and Chargers- Make sure you have all your chargers with you so you can charge up before you take off. I always keep my phone and computer charger with me.

8. Pens and Pencils- You will definitely need writing utensils if you are planning out your days or if you decide to journal on the plane.

9. Ipod- Most people have music on their phone nowadays, but I am a little old fashioned. I still have my IPod classic so if you have one like me don't forget it. Also remember to bring headphones and an extra pair just in case.

10. Eye Mask- This is such an underrated item! I probably look extremely stupid with this thing on, but it really comes in handy when you are trying to catch some shut eye on your flight.

11. Neck Pillow- Again a very underestimated flight essential. This may take up more space in your carry on than you would like, but it really helps you relax and get better sleep especially if you have the aisle seat.

12. Glasses- I have decent eyesight, but I still have glasses for seeing faraway. I don't want them to break in my luggage, so I put them in my carry on.

13. Antibacterial Wipes- These are great! Airplanes and airports carry a colossal amount of germs and you don't want to get sick on the plane over there! I use these to wipe down the arm rests and tray. I also use them on my hands when soap and water isn't readily available.

14. Gum- Gum helps me stay calm during take off and landing. Plus it combats the popping of your ears with the changing of pressure.

15. Kleenex- This is a must have for any woman's purse or carry on. You never know when you will need one, so my advice is always have em.

16. Rosebud Salve- Everyone knows this is my absolute favorite! I couldn't live without it so of course it's in my carry on! Put it on before you sleep and you will wake up with silky smooth lips.

17. Lipstick- My mom always told me to put on a little lipstick no matter what you are doing. It always makes you feel better. You will be glad you have it when you land and you need to freshen up.

18. Deodorant- Make sure to put a small thing of deodorant in your carry on for when you land. You will definitely want it after a long flight. No one wants to be stinky!

19. Equate Original Clean Wipes- These I use as a body wipe. It's not like you can get a quick shower during your flight, so these are the next best thing. Trust me you will feel refreshed after wiping yourself down with these little babies. I have also heard really good things about the Ban refresh wipes.

20. Journal- Take a journal on your trip! You will want to remember every detail and you won't remember if you don't write it down. I got this one on Amazon for like $8.

Those are my essentials! What are yours????

Feel free to tell me below!

Have a lovely day my friends :)


  1. This was so helpful because I go away on a long haul flight next month!:)

    I think taking a book is a great idea but I always forget, I must buy one before I leave! Are there any you could recommend?:)

    Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Kirsty! That is so exciting!

      I love to read so I am sure there are some I could recommend! If you are looking for chick lit I highly suggest Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, it is a total romp! I found myself laughing out loud. It is decently long, but you will fly through it!

      If you are more into fiction read The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe by J. Randy Taraborrelli. I couldn't put this book down and it was well written!

      Thank you so much for commenting and your blog is absolutely divine! :) Have a wonderful flight!

  2. The item I always forget is the eye mask - and it's possibly the most critical thing for in-flight comfort (in my case, at least!) I leave for England on Sunday and I so appreciate having this post to reference! I always forget a few things, so this is honestly so handy. I have similar essentials - handcream, wipes, as well as some gluten free snacks. Great post! I hope you have a great trip!
    Ivory Avenue

    1. Oh that is so exciting! I am glad you share my appreciation of the eye mask! And thanks for the reminder of snacks. I totally would have forgotten those. I hope you have a lovely trip as well and safe travels! :)

  3. A great list of stuff! There is nothing else I would need for my own carry on bag :)

    Shannon xx |


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