Friday, July 10, 2015

Beauty Vlogs

Hello everyone! I hope you all are excited for the upcoming weekend!

Today I wanted to talk about beauty vlogs and how great they are! I have posted something about this before, but I have some new favorites.

If you don't know what a beauty vlog is, it is essentially a blog, but a video version. My favorites are the beauty geared ones because these videos taught me how to apply makeup. Not only that, but people review products so you always know what works and what doesn't in the beauty realm.

There are so many women out there with great beauty Youtube accounts, but here are my favorites :)


She is awesome! She does a lot of tutorials and clothing hauls, which are fun. Not to mention she exudes confidence and makes you love yourself :)

Jaclyn has amazing tutorials on all kinds of things! Her foundation routine video is one of my favorites. Another great one is her contouring tutorial. 

Her hair tutorials are so easy and fun! I am always looking for new ways to wear my hair and I love watching her videos to get ideas. Casey also has really great makeup tutorials.

She does a really great job of reviewing products and sharing her monthly favorites. I love her videos because she is so genuine and her tutorials are easy to follow!

Those are some of the beauty vlogs that I am personally loving right now! I would love to hear any that you would recommend. Feel free to share below :) 

Have a dreamy day!

Morgan xx

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