Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Reorganize and Refocus

Hello all! So sorry for the sporadic posts lately, but it is my last week in London and I am trying to stay away from technology!

The prospect of going home is a little stressful. I have a couple weeks at home and then it's time to go back to school. The start of the semester always makes me a little anxious! I want everything to be organized and in order so that I can make the most of the school year.

Sometimes it can be hard to go from the carelessness of summer to the tight scheduled school season, but throughout the years I have found some pretty good tips to keep you distressed and relaxed during the transition.

These are some of my tips to reorganize and refocus yourself before school starts back up again!

Tip #1: Get a Planner - I cannot stress this enough. If you have a million things going on at once you will want a calendar where you can put all your activities, meetings, and due dates for assignments. This will make your life SO convenient and much more organized. There are a million planners out there, but I like the ones as well as the Erin Condren ones.

Tip #2: Take time to Relax- School is stressful! It is very easy to get caught up in what you have to do and when you have to be doing it. If you have a big test coming up, take breaks while studying. This will help you recharge and refocus on what you need to be doing. Take a walk, ride a bike, listen to music, read a book! Anything that will help your mind escape for awhile :)

Tip #3: Write Notes by Hand- This seems like a tedious task, but I promise it will help you in the end. Instead of lugging your computer to class take a notebook and pencil. You will be more engaged and less tempted to get on Pinterest (Guilty!!) during the lecture. Not only that, but you are more likely to retain the things you write down and it will help you focus on the subject at hand.

Tip #4: Get a News App- During the summer I am in my own little world. I never read the paper, nor do I watch the news and I find these to be important things. To make it easy to keep up to date get a news app. I personally love the Good Morning America One or Fox News. They make it very easy to read what's going on in the world!

Tip #5: Make a Binder- I have found this to be super helpful in keeping me organized for each class. Folders are great, but they easily rip and it is hard to keep them in order. With a binder you can hole punch your items and put them into categories. This really helps you keep organized for your various classes.

Tip #6: Get up Early- This one is difficult, but if you can manage to get in the habit of getting up early those 7:30s will be a breeze! A couple weeks before school starts, set your alarm for when you would wake up for class. This will really help to get you in the habit of those early mornings. No one wants a grouch in the room :)

Tip #7: Clean your Computer- I have so many pictures and documents on my computer that I no longer need or want. Don't be afraid to delete some of those! It will help keep you organized and make all those new papers seem less tedious.

Tip #8: Eat Healthy- You may think this has nothing to do with getting reorganized or refocused, but it totally does! I find that during the summer, my clean eating disappears and I crave the unhealthy stuff. Start off the new school year drinking lots of water and eating healthier. This will help retain your energy and set you up to have a great day!

Tip #9: Contact your School Friends- It is very easy to lose contact with some of your friends at school during the summer. Start contacting them and make plans to get coffee or take a walk! This will keep you at ease for the school year to come and help you get back into your groove.

Tip #10: Have Fun- Don't stress too much! School is supposed to be the best years of your life! Of course academics come first, but don't forget to do what you love and to seize the day. Each day is an opportunity for you to do something great, so don't miss out!

Those were some of my tips to get reorganized and refocused for the upcoming school year! If you have any other tips please feel free to say so below!

Have a beautiful day!

Morgan xx

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