Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Makeup Secret Weapons

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your day :)

So this morning I was putting on my makeup and I realized that there were some products in my routine that I ABSOLUTELY could not live without. If these products ever go off the market I would probably break down and cry. They are essential to my face routine.

I decided to stick with the face products today and save the eyes and lips for another day. So here they are...

1. Ecotools Large Powder Brush- I love this powder brush. The bristles are soft and it swipes a nice range on your face. I am sure there are better brushes on the market, but for the price I'd say it's pretty darn good. I use it for my pressed powder and also the next product I am going to talk about :)

2. NYX HD Finishing Powder- This product is a definite must have for me. Always. I have seen people use this in different ways, so I am just going to talk about how I use it! I always apply my foundation, concealer and then this product. It helps me blend and set the foundation and concealer, so it doesn't look like so much product. It is white, but it doesn't come out white on your face. I have huge pores and it really helps me diminish them. You can find it at Ulta. Love, Love, Love!

3. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer- I love this concealer. I have scratched the surface of this product in a previous post, but I want to talk about it again. First let's talk price. It is so so cheap. I got it at Walmart for $6! Again, I know there are probably better products out there, but I'm working with a budget here! Plus in my opinion it works just as well :) I use it on my problem areas after putting my foundation on. I also use it as a highlighter under my eyes and on my nose. It works wonders! I always look so fresh faced after using it. If you are looking for a cheap, quality concealer, try this one!

Those were my face secret weapons. What are some of yours??

Have a marvelous day!

Morgan xx


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