Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's in My Day Bag

Hi everyone! I hope the start of your week has been great! Today I wanted to post about what is in my bag. This is the bag that goes everywhere with me, especially while I am walking around throughout London.

It is a smaller purse, so I am limited to bringing the essentials. These are my must have things on a day out.  Here they are!

1. Wallet- This is probably the most important thing. You always want to have your ID and money with you. Also, it is always a good idea to have some cash tucked away. Just in case of emergencies!

2. Advil- I learned this one from my Mom. She always has one of these travel sized bottles of Advil with her. You never know when a headache might spring up on you! I use it more than you would think. It's just good to have.

3. Pen- This seems silly, but at some point someone is always in need of a writing utensil. I use it a lot when I have to sign a receipt and the cashier doesn't have a pen (this has happened to me more than once).

4. Rosebud Salve- I know I post about this product a lot, but it is my best friend. I use it ALL the time. My lips get dry a lot, so it is nice to have when I'm feeling chapped. It also gives you a natural pink tint so you're always looking fabulous :)

5. Sunglasses- I am sure this is in everyone's bag! Sunglasses come in a close second to your wallet. Plus a good pair can make you instantly stylish. They are a definite must.

6. Umbrella- This is an underestimated essential. Get a small umbrella to put in your bag. This way if an unexpected downpour occurs you can avoid your hair getting destroyed. Frizziness is no fun!

Those were my day bag essentials. I am sure everyone has their own purse must haves! Feel free to share em :)

Have a fabulous day!

Morgan xx


  1. I almost always have a pen in my purse, definitely no judgement here! I really feel like there will always be a reason for needing one that can crop up!


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