Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 2015 Goals

Yay!! It is officially August and I couldn't be more excited. I don't know why, but I extremely optimistic about this month.

With August comes my birthday (hooray!), school starts again and the first signs of fall begin to appear. What could be better than all of that?! I hope you guys are all as ecstatic about this month as I am :)

Lately I have started writing monthly goals down. As I get older, I find it helpful to keep me on track and focused on what I want out of this life. I am more likely to actually achieve those goals if I write them down, especially on this blog because then you guys can keep me accountable.

Here are my goals for August 2015:

1. Work Before Play- This one is a no brainer, but it is difficult for me to put into practice. This school year I want to get all my work complete before anything else. That way I don't feel like it's hanging over my head and I can relax without feeling guilty.

2. Volunteer- For me, giving back to the community makes me feel extremely happy, thankful and just plain good. However, once school starts and life happens I get caught up in me. It's all about my schedule and what I have to do. This month I want to volunteer once a week. There is a Veteran's home near campus and I plan on helping out there. Who knows? You guys could get a post about my new friends :)

3. Blog Everyday- In the summer this one is extremely easy for me. I can blog at ease whenever I choose. August makes blogging a tad bit harder due to school, clubs and meetings. My goal is to blog like it is an assignment that needs to be completed. It will go along with the work before play bit!

4. Smile- I read somewhere that simply smiling can instantly boost your mood. Who doesn't want a free mood booster?! I am going to give it a try :) starting now!

5. Take Fitness Classes- We have an awesome gym at my school and they provide so many fitness classes that I completely take for granted. This month I want to take as many different classes as I possibly can to see what I like. It doesn't hurt to try!

6. Go Natural- This month I want to use less heat on my locks and wear minimal makeup. To be honest this one is difficult. I have insecurities just like every other girl in the world, but this month I want to beat those and embrace my natural beauty. I know I can do it!

7. Have Quiet Time- I am a slight introvert, so I recharge on time with myself. This month I want to commit to having quiet time everyday. Quiet time can be whatever you want it to be, but for me it means reading my Bible and just having that time with God.

Those were my goals for August 2015. Thank you all for listening and I would love to hear any goals you may have :)

Have a marvelous day!

Morgan xx


  1. love "goals" posts like this! they truly inspire me to think about some of my own goals. I totally love going to fitness classes, I recently started going this summer and am OBSESSED with them! xx, kenz

    1. Thank you so much! Setting goals always makes me feel accomplished. I am so glad you share my love of fitness classes! They are so much fun :) Have a wonderful day Kenzie!

  2. So nice to read your goals...particularly love the smiling one! (I definitely did so just to check, and it does indeed boost your mood!) xo

    Naomi // Getting to Nomi

    1. Thank you! I am glad you checked to make sure it worked :) Have a beautiful day!

  3. Great little goals for the month. I could do with writing a few tasks down to complete before I go back to Uni. :) But I am blogging everyday in August because I want to get as much content out on my blog before I have to knuckle down and focus on my studies. :) Good luck with the volunteering too!

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    1. Thank you! That is a great idea to get a bunch of content out before you get busy. Best of luck with Uni and your blogging :)


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