Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School Bohemian

Hello beautiful people!!! Good morning! I hope you all are on the road to having a wonderful day :)

I have decided that this week's theme is Back to School. Going back to school isn't easy especially for those college freshman who are a little nervous, so I am here to help! I want to create posts that will make the transition a little easier.

Yesterday my post was focused on Back to School Beauty. Today I thought I would focus on that first day of class outfit. I remember freaking out the night before my first class because I had no idea what college kids wore! The great thing about college is that if you want to dress up, you can dress up and if you want to wear sweats, you can wear sweats! College is the opportune time to express yourself, so go for it. Wear what you are comfortable in!

This summer I have been loving the bohemian look. My wonderful boyfriend got me this romper for my birthday a few days ago and I am obsessed!

This is the perfect first day of school outfit for me because it is cute and comfortable. I paired the romper with a brown elephant necklace and some brown sandals. Due to the fact that you are walking across campus, you want to make sure you wear a pair that you can easily walk in. Nothing is more embarrassing then stumbling on your first day!

Remeber college is your time to be you! So follow your heart and wear something that expresses your personal style. And don't be nervous, everyone will love you if you just be yourself :)

Have a fantastic day!!

Morgan xx


  1. Very pretty. I love a classy & bohemian look. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I love the pattern on that romper, it's so pretty!
    Elle - xx

  3. I love the romper. I think bohemian suits my style so i think it is gorgeous.

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