Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Organize Your Desk

Hello beautiful people!!! Long time no talk :) I want to apologize again for being absent these last few days! It has been crazy, but I am finally moved into school, so I will hopefully be on a regular schedule now.

I have a few updates before I get into the post! I am excited to announce that Byron, Birkin, & Burch finally has a new Instagram account. I am trying to get it started so I have very few posts, but you have to start somewhere right?!

Here is the link to my new account:https://instagram.com/byronbirkinburch/

Thank you to those of you who have shown so much support for my blog and everything that comes with it! I appreciate you all :)

Next announcement is that I have received the opportunity to become an intern for College Fashionista this fall! I am beyond excited to see what I can do with this and to see what I learn from the experience! I will try my hardest to keep all of you updated with my pieces.

Finally to the post! Today I wanted to talk about how to organize your desk. I thought this was fitting because I just moved back in and had to organize my own desk yesterday! I want to give you some tips that I have learned throughout the years. So here we go!

Tips for an Organized Desk:

1. Avoid Clutter- It is easy to want to put every picture and every cute little quote on your desk, but try to avoid doing this. This causes clutter which makes your work space distracting! Keep the knick knacks to a minimum.

2. Make it Yours- Put stuff on your desk that represents you. If an inspirational quote helps you start the day motivated then put it up! Add pictures of you and your friends that takes you back to a happy time. You want to make this a calm and clean space.

3. Keep it Clean- Get some Clorox wipes to keep handy! You would be surprised how many germs you accumulate throughout the day. Every so often give your workspace a good wipe down. This will keep every thing tidy and prevent sickness throughout the year.

4. Lighting is Key- In order for you to work to your fullest potential you will need some really good lighting. When things are dark and dank, it is easy for you to get distracted or even sleepy. Natural light is the best, so place your desk by a window. If this isn't plausible then buy a lamp that provides great light to your area. This will make you feel warm and happy :)

5. Use the Proper Place- Once you get into a routine, you will find yourself just throwing things in drawers. Do not do this!! Establish a specific place for items and always put them in that place. This will insure that you always know where your things are and that you avoid that despised clutter I was talking about!

6. Bins are Best- My desk only comes with three drawers, but I need more space than that! I use the bins you can find at Target or Walmart to put all my extra things in like clorox wipes, extra pens or pencils, tissues and thank you notes! It looks cute and provides extra space.

Those were some of my tips to an organized desk! Everyone is different, so you may have your own way of doing things! Regardless I hope this post was helpful.

Have a cheery day!!

Morgan xx


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