Friday, September 18, 2015

10 Ways to Have a Happy Day

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to their day!

Today I wanted to talk about ways to have a happier day. This morning when I got up it was pouring down rain and yesterday wasn't that great, so I was feeling down. But you know what?! Life is too short to have an unhappy day!

I want to share some of my tips to help you have a joyful disposition as you go about life :) I'm no expert, but these things always help me when I'm feeling blue. 

1. Smile- I talk about this a lot because I really do think it can make a difference. You always feel better when you have a genuine smile on your face. Plus it makes those around you happy too! If you are having a bad day all you need to turn it around is your beautiful smile!

2. Optimism is Key- For me, it is easy to let one little thing ruin my entire day! Don't let this happen. If things aren't going as planned take it in stride and be enthusiastic about what's to come. Having an optimistic outlook on things will take away some of that worry and make you happier. 

3. Look Good, Feel Good- This is a mantra I say to myself all the time! Clothes are one of my many passions in life and believe it or not they can really change your disposition. Wear something you feel confident and beautiful in. Your mood will sky rocket when you feel amazing in the clothes you are wearing. 

4. Take a Nap- To be honest, I don''t know if this is good advice or not, but it always helps me. A lot of times I am so stressed and have so much on my mind that I can't even focus anymore. To escape that and clear my head I take a short nap. This helps me relax and recharge. I always feel more than ready to face life's challenges after a good nap. :)

5. Find Inspiration- I am a sucker for those really cheesy inspirational quote books. It might just be me, but those quotes really help me get things into perspective and help me realize the great things going on in my life. Find the things that inspire you and don't let them go. They can really help you throughout the day.

6. Distress- This one is really important! Finding ways to distress yourself will make life a whole lot easier. Whether it means going for a walk, reading a book or just having quiet time, do it. Taking a small amount of time from your busy schedule to do things you enjoy will reenergize you for the tasks that you don't like as much.

7. Talk it Out- I am really bad about sharing my feelings with friends and family, but I am trying to work on it. Being able to talk about what is bothering you is crucial to you being happy. Life can be hard, so surround yourself with people who will be there for you when times get tough and are always there to listen about your hectic day!

8. Be Kind- I know I have said that a lot of these tips are important, but this one is my number one. Being kind is so imperative in this world. Not only does it have the power to influence other people's days, but also your own. I promise that if you are kind to people around you, your mood will have an instant boost.

9. Listen to Music- I love music and this always works for me! Listen to some upbeat/happy music to set your day in the right direction. You could even dance if you wanted!

10. Count Your Blessings- If you are struggling on a particular day, remember what is important. There are so many things to be thankful for and a lot of times we overlook those blessings because we are too busy stressing over minuscule details. Take a moment each day and remind yourself of the beautiful things that you have.

Those were my tips to having a happier day! I hope some of them can be useful to you :)

Have a joyful day!!

Morgan xx


  1. Yes to numbers 3 and 8! Was it Mindy Kaling who said that sometimes you just have to put on lipstick and pretend to be psyched? Because that's how I feel sometimes!

    1. I don't know! I will have to look it up because I love that :) I feel the same!

  2. When I get dressed up for the day, even if it's a bad day, I instantly feel better! Love this list :)

    1. I am so glad you know what I am talking about!!! Thank you so much :))

  3. Here from HCBN! I loved these, and I think people underestimate the value of no. 1! I also try and have a 'happy' jar; when something good happens, I write it down and put it in the jar. Feels good knowing I'll relive the moment when I open the jar in the future :)

    1. Oh my gosh I love that!! I think I will start doing that from now on! What a beautiful idea :) Thank you so much for sharing it!


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