Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to Start Your Day Off Right

Good morning everyone!! I hope that you have had a wonderful start to your day. This morning I struggled a little bit in my routine. My first class is at 9:30, which isn't too bad, but I am still trying to get in the groove of things.

Today I thought I would post about my tips for starting your day off right. Having a good morning could either make or break your day, so it is important to start on a good note. Everyone is different so some of these tips may not be helpful to you and that's ok! These are just some things that I have learned over the years being a college student.

1. Don't Hit Snooze- This one is definitely hard to follow, but I promise it's worth it. Hitting snooze is hurting you more than it's helping you. I find that I am more tired after hitting snooze because my body keeps going in and out of sleep. Set your alarm for a reasonable time and get up as soon as it goes off. This will help you not be as groggy. Or at least it helps me!!

2. Take a Cold Shower- I know, I know. This seems like the stupidest tip ever, but it really does help wake me up! What I do is start out with warm water and at the end of my shower I make it colder. That way I am not freezing, but the rush of cold water helps me stay awake.

3. Use Concealer- I am all for the no makeup look, but sometimes I have really dark circles under my eyes and they need a little makeover. Just pop some concealer on those puppies and you will be golden. My favorites are Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and Hard Candy Glamoflauge. Not only do they conceal, they make your eyes look bright, giving you a fresh looking face.

4. Check Your Planner- If you like to be organized like me then you have every meeting, appointment and assignment written down in your planner. Every morning check your planner to see what's going on for the day. This way you are aware of what needs to get done and don't feel overwhelmed. If you don't have a planner then just use a piece of paper!

5. Stay Nourished- I am going to sound like a mom here, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of times I will skip out on breakfast and then feel hungry as soon as I get to class. I know it is hard in college because sometimes you don't have the resources to make your own meals. What I do is fill my Contigo water bottle and grab a Clif bar. This is a fast, easy way to nourish yourself and it also keeps you full!

6. Listen to Music- I love music. In the morning while I'm getting ready I will listen to some light music to get me going and put me in a good mood. There are a ton of playlists on Spotify that provide some nice background music to your morning routine. I personally enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran, Colbie Caillat, James Taylor and Taylor Swift in the morning. They help me start my day off right :)

Those were some of my tips to help you start your day. I really hope they were helpful! If you have any tips of your own please feel free to share them below!

Have a fantastic morning!!

Morgan xx


  1. I totally agree with the cold shower idea! It's a shock to your system that would take a whole cup of coffee more.

  2. I wrote a post similar to this yesterday ( and it's great to see someone else's idea of the perfect morning! I don't know how I didn't think to include listening to good music - That can change my mood in an instant! Concealer is deffo a good idea too...

    Bethany | x

    1. I will definitely have to check out your post to get new tips!! Thank you for putting the link in your comment! Can't wait to read it :)


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