Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pretty Plaid

Good morning everybody! I know, I know. I haven't been around much lately. I feel like a broken record always apologizing for not posting as much as I should. I really do love blogging and want to spend more time working on it. So I promise there will be more posts to come! Don't give up hope on me yet :)

This post is an appreciation post for one of my new favorite stores. It is called Altar'd State and they have locations all around the U.S. as well as an online presence.

I cannot get enough of their clothes! They are all so unique and beautiful. (This isn't a sponsored post by the way! I love them on my own!!)

I would say their style is kind of boho chic. If you love lace and fringe this is the store for you.

Their prices are pretty expensive considering I am a college student, but their stuff is well worth it. If I have a special occasion coming up or I am in need of a something new I always go there.

The piece above is a red and navy plaid vest. I got this at the store a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. The inside is so soft and warm. I typically pair it with some skinny jeans, brown booties and my favorite gold choker.

This vest is perfect for the upcoming winter, especially here in Indiana! If you are looking for amazing clothes that you won't find anywhere else go here!

If you have a favorite piece from Altar'd State I would love to hear how you wear it :)

Here is the link to their website! Check it out!

Have a cozy day!!

Morgan xx

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