Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Classy and a Bit Sassy

Good morning all! I hope your day has started out as sunny as mine has.

This morning I was really feeling doing an outfit post, so here it is! Today I wanted to dress up a little bit, not because I have anywhere important to be, but just because I want to feel pretty :) I hope I am not the only one who likes looking nice just for kicks. 

I paired a navy green skater dress with a bold statement necklace. To complete the look I added some tall brown boots. Now, because it is winter I might add a charcoal gray cardigan over it and some knee high socks to compliment the boots. 

This is the perfect outfit for shopping, dinner or even date night. I am a sucker for dresses in the winter. I would love to hear how you rock dresses during this season down below!

I also have a really fun announcement! I have been trying to branch out when it comes to social media for my blog.... so I got a Twitter!! I am very new to this so I am still figuring it out, but I am excited to start utlizing it as much as my Instagram! 

I would love any tips on how it works!

Have a marvelous day!

Morgan xx


  1. I absolutely love your brown boots! I love anything with buckles! Do you mind telling me where you got them?

    P.S I followed you on Twitter. :)



    1. Thank you so much! I am pretty sure I got them at DSW! And thanks for the follow :)


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