Monday, January 4, 2016

Get Healthy 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are all enjoying the first Monday of January. 

Yesterday I posted my goals for the year of 2016. Most of the time I set my goals and after a few weeks I end up forgetting all about them. However, this year is different. I know this year I am going to achieve them. I am confident in myself and my abilities. 

One of my main focuses is getting healthy. Like I mentioned yesterday I want to start eating healthy not only for my physical health, but also my mental health. Today, I started off by having a yummy fruit salad and it wasn't half bad! 

There are a few websites and blogs I am going to use to help me achieve this feat. One of them is Simply Taralynn. I love her site! She is relatable and gives great recipes for any meal you could want. Her blog is also really helpful for college students like me :)

Another website I use is Tone it Up! I have mentioned these girls in a post a really long time ago, but I still use their workouts to this day! They are fun and really make you want to get beach body ready. 

I also use Blogilates! It's a great site with fun pilates videos you can do at home. She even has printables so you can take them to your local or campus gym!

I would really appreciate any advice you guys can give me on how you stay healthy and happy! Fitness and health blog reccomendations are also really appreciated. 

Have a healthy day!

Morgan xx


  1. I really like the websites you mentioned as well, they're all super helpful!

    xo, Liz

  2. A great way to be healthy is to start drinking detox waters on a daily basis! Fun to make and delicious to drink! They help with cleaning the toxins out of your body and making your skin look and feel healthier! Detox waters can also help cut some calories! here is a link to get you started!

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