Thursday, January 7, 2016

Go to Winter Style

Good afternoon my friends! I hope you all are doing extremely well on this beautiful day. 

As January proceeds I have noticed it is getting a bit more chilly here. I love the snow, but at this point I am starting to get tired of winter. Unfortunately for me, the Midwest has a couple more months of this tundra, but do not fear!! I will still be rocking amazing winter fashion no matter how cold it gets :)

Today I wanted to talk about my go to winter look...a vest! Vests can instantly make an outfit look more classy and glamorous. My all time favorite vests are from J Crew. They are beautifully crafted and so comfortable. They will run you about $120, but are well worth the money. Lucky for you they are on sale right now.

To complete the look I added a plaid blanket scarf and a white statement necklace. This is the perfect outfit to wear to class on a cold winter day.

I would love to hear about your go to winter style down below! 

Have a gorgeous day!

Morgan xx


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