Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I Am Loving: Jeweled Headbands

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I can easily say that I am loving life right now and I hope you are too. 

To continue my series I wanted to talk about an accessory I have been seeing a lot lately and absolutely love. Normally I avoid putting things in my hair besides a normal elastic, but these jeweled headbands are just too beautiful to pass up. 

I love how elegant they can make an outfit look. I got these specific ones for a Gatsby themed party, but I actually really like wearing them on normal days. It is too often than not that I find myself having a bad hair day, but these definitely turn that around. 

To wear them I normally use second day hair because it adds a little volume. I apply some Batiste dry shampoo to my roots and use a one inch curling iron to create large waves. I then flip my head over and put the headband in, letting the hair fall wherever it wants! The final product is a beautiful goddess look. 

This is the perfect accessory to add glam to any outfit. It would look great for any Valentines Day plans you may have as well :)

The headbands featured above can be found at Francesca's!

Let me know how you wear your favorite headband down below. 

Have a happy day!

Morgan xx

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