Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What I am Loving: Lip Scrub

Hello everybody! I hope your Wednesday is absolutely fabulous and that you are getting excited about the prospect of the weekend :)

Today is my last post for the "What I am Loving" series. I had so much fun with this one and will definitely be doing it again sometime in the future. 

This winter weather always does a number on my skin and lips. Everything just dries up and I look like an alligator with my scaly exterior. However, I think I may have found a cure to those dry, cracked lips. 

I got this product in my January ipsy bag and I have been using it every night and every morning for the past month. It is the Hanalei Lip Scrub and it is a true miracle worker. I have always wanted to try a lip scrub, but have never gotten around to it. Now that I have tried this one, I think they will become a staple beauty product in my makeup collection. 

The bottle is small, which is great for me to put in my purse or backpack for on the go. The smell is absolutely amazing and it even tastes good. I would compare the scent and taste to a lemon bar, which just makes this product even greater for me!

I did some research and this company is based in Hawaii and gets some of their ingredients naturally. I can honestly say that my lips have never been softer. 

Another great thing about this is that the sugar disappears on your lips, so you can put it on anytime of the day, not just at night. 

Unfortunately, the scrub is about $20, but I will tell you it is so worth the money and it will last you a long time. 

I would definitely reccomend this product to anyone looking for an amazing lip scrub!

If you have any questions about the product or know of any other (cheaper) lip scrubs please comment down below. 

Have a terrific day!

Morgan xx

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