Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Weeather Essentials

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone in the Midwest is staying warm. I woke up this morning to about three inches of snow. I was excited about the prospect of the clean, white powder, but then I slipped and fell so the excitement is over :)

Today I wanted to talk about some of my winter weather essentials. Making it through this season unscathed is pretty hard to do, but with these items you will slide on through (get it?!). These kind of pieces I buy on Amazon because they are always cheaper. I will put a link to each item in the text! 

Here are some of my favorite things to outsmart the cold!

I can't tell you how may infinity scarfs I own. I love this cream one because it goes with anything, keeps you warm and can complete your winter wardrobe. You can really find them at any clothing store that sells scarves. 

I have had these booties since my freshman year and they have maintained loyal. I like them because they are stylish and have done a really great job of getting me through the snow and ice. However, when it is really icy out I normally go for my thick winter boots because they have more traction. I will link them so you guys can see. 

My hands are always cold, so the frigid temperatures are killer on them. I love the gloves with the fingers cut out because then my hands are accessible and I can still use my phone. I also like the ones that have the texture on the fingertips so you can text. How clever :)

Hats are probably the most important for keeping illness away. I love the beanies with the pom at the top. It is such a cute and fun way to keep warm.  I am also loving those stylish knitted headbands. 

When you have a 20 minute walk to class there is no avoiding the freezing temperatures or the biting wind. A tip my grandma gave me is to buy those hand warmers and to open them up about five minutes before you leave the house. This will give them time to warm up, so you have warm hands for the duration of your hike. 

For some reason I just learned about cabin socks this year and I am in awe. They are so comfy and so warm! Normally I just wear them around the house, but with ten degree weather coming I think I am going to break these babies out. 

Those were some of my winter weather essentials. I would love to hear how you survive the cold in the comments down below!

Have a warm day!

Morgan xx


  1. I wear cabin socks nearly everyday in the winter. They're so cozy and keep me extra warm. I think they look really cute poking out of boots as well.

    xo, Liz

  2. I love them!! I will have to try them with boots sometime :)


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