Tuesday, February 23, 2016

70s Inspired Sunnies

Hello everyone! I hope your day has been absolutely fabulous and that it is sunny wherever you are. It is a beautiful day here in the Midwest and I can feel spring approaching, which puts me in a great mood. 

Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I am loving. Everywhere I go I see amazing 70s inspired looks and I just want to join in! Lately I have been loving the flared jeans and round glasses. I was apprehensive to try these because of my face shape, but I ended up loving them. 

These sunglasses are so on trend and you can find them almost anywhere. I never buy expensive sunglasses because I always lose them, so I look for the affordable ones. 

The ones featured in the picture were both under $20, so if you are a Fashionista on a budget like me you can achieve this look without breaking the bank. 

Spring break is coming up and I know you all want to be rocking your favorite sunglasses! This year I challenge you to try a new style or something you're not used to. You never know, they could become your favorite new pair. 

The sunglasses at the top are from Forever 21 and the ones at the bottom are from Altar'd State. 

I would love to hear your favorite sunglass style down below. 

Thank you for reading and have a magnificent day!

Morgan xx


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