Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2016 Goals

Hello everyone! Happy February. I can't believe it is already the second month of the year :) I am so sorry for the blogging hiatus, but I was super ill and just wasn't in the mood to blog, but I am back now and ready to start this month off right.

I always try and do a goal post every month and this one is no different. My goals are very unique this month because a lot has happened to change my course. I am excited to share all of them with you. Let's get started!

Goals February 2016

1. Choose Joy

After everything that has happened to me in this new year I have gotten some of the best advice I have ever received. One of them was that sometimes we just have to choose joy. I know things can be hard and life can be tough, but this month every morning I want to wake up and choose to be happy. Life is way too short to be any other way!

2.  Carpe Diem 

Another thing I have been hearing a lot is this famous word duo. It keeps popping up in my life and I feel like it is some sort of sign that I need to be more spontaneous. I am always so afraid to do things I have never done before, but this month I want to start saying yes to everything whether it frightens me or not.

3.  Focus on Others 

When life gets me down it is really easy for me to become a selfish person. All I think about is me and my sorrows. In February I would like to focus on others and their needs. This could mean volunteering, sending an encouraging text or just smiling at someone on the street. I think this will help me reset my life and hopefully help others.

4.  Reach 500 Followers on Instagram 

This could be a little far reaching for a goal, but hey at least I am going to try! Right now I have about 466 followers on my blog Instagram and this month I would like to reach 500. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism I would love to hear down below. Here is the link:

5.  Workout 6 Times a Week 

This one will also be challenging especially with my busy schedule, but I think I can do it. Working out is a major stress reliever for me, so I think this will help me get my mind off of things. Not only that, but maybe it will build up my body confidence.

6.  Read a Book Instead 

Lately I have found myself on the computer way too much. I love blogging and browsing through Pinterest, but sometimes I just need to relax a little and smell the roses. Instead of getting on the Internet in my free time I want to pick up a book and read for awhile. I just started this great self-help one called, You're Going to Be Ok. No making fun of me, it is a great book.

7. Make a Dream Board

I have seen these all over the place and I definitely want to make one. I think having pictures of my dreams and aspirations right in front of me helps to keep me motivated on what's important. Once I get it done I will take a picture and hopefully write a post about it. I would love to see your dream boards so please feel free to email me at with pictures of them.

Those were my goals for this February. Some of them are a little tough, but I know if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything. I would love to hear some of your goals or thoughts down below. 

Thank you for reading and have a marvelous day!

Morgan xx


  1. This was a really nice post to read and I hope you achieve all your goals :-)

  2. Great goals and I'll just randomly remind you to read a book since you'll almost always find me stuck in one! :)

    S .x

  3. I love the dream board idea - I might do it too! And I just followed you on Instagram so you're one step closer to that goal :)

    1. Awe thank you so much Anna! If you do make a dream board let me know because I want to see it haha :)

  4. The dream board seems like a great idea. It will surely keep you motivated.


    1. Yes! I am excited to start making it :) Thank you so much!


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