Wednesday, February 10, 2016

L'OREAL Lumi Highlighter

Hello everyone! It is the middle of the week and there is so much to be happy about :) 

Whenever I go to the drugstore I always want to pick up a new product to try out and review for you guys. For the last few times I have been searching diligently for a great drugstore highlighter, but could never find one that piqued my interest, until now. 

This is the L'OREAL True Match Lumi Highlighter in the shade Ice Glace. I was a little apprehensive with this because I am so used to using powder highlighters and brighteners. To be honest, I don't even know the correct way to apply a cream highlighter. 

My first impressions of this product were positive. I did a swatch test on the back of my hand and found the consistency to be light, but with pretty decent pigment. It is also really sparkly, so I probably wouldn't use this for everyday, but that's just me!

I have only used it once, but it did give me a really great glow on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones. However, like I said above, I don't really know how to correctly apply it or with what brushes etc. so I would love any tips you can give me for how to use this product down below.  

I would also love to know about any other drugstore highlighters/brighteners you are loving because I am in desperate need of one :)

I will definitely keep you updated on how this product works for me, so stay tuned. So far, I think I am going to like it. 

Thank you for reading and have a terrific rest of your day. And don't forget to smile :)

Morgan xx

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