Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Morning

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your day. This morning when my alarm went off at 6 a.m. I had trouble grasping the thought of getting out of bed. Thursdays are sort of like a tease to the weekend and I find them difficult at times. That is why I have decided to throw together my routine for making it through a Thursday morning or any morning for that matter. 

These things are my favorite ways to start the day off right. I have specific routines on each day of the week because I don't have the same class schedule everyday, so this one is specific to Thursday. One of my favorite things to do at the moment is to watch people's morning routines on Youtube. I have no idea why, but this fascinates me. I wanted to share my routine with you guys, but just in word form! So here we go...

Do Not Hit Snooze 

This is a tip I have heard over and over, but just implemented this year and it actually works. Hitting snooze a couple of times actually makes me more tired, so I suggest getting up at your first alarm if at all possible. 

Morning Workout 

This is always the second thing I accomplish on Thursdays. I don't have class until 10:30, so I fit a workout in my schedule before class. Yes this means getting up earlier, but I promise after you workout you will feel so good and energized for the rest of the day. 

Tea Time 

I like coffee a lot, but not for everyday. After my workout I love to have some green tea. This helps speed up my metabolism and gives me some great nutrients. Not only that, but it is super yummy with honey. 


I take looking nice for class very seriously. Right now I consider school my job and I wouldn't wear sweatpants to my job now would I? I take some time in the morning to pick out an outfit, shower, do my makeup and hair. This in total probably takes around an hour and a half. 


This is an important step for me to have a happy Thursday. If I don't eat I get somewhat hangry, which isn't good for anyone involved. Normally, I have a cliff bar with peanut butter on it or some yogurt. I try to eat as healthy as possible in the morning!

Me Moments

This is my favorite part of the morning. If I have extra time before my class I will do something for me. These are things that add to my happiness like listening to music, reading a magazine or just having quiet time. I truly believe setting time out for yourself each day is the key to happiness. 

That was my morning routine in a nutshell. It is very basic, but I find having a set schedule in the morning helps lessen the chaos of the day. 

I would love to hear about some things you do in the morning down below :)

Have a thriving Thursday!

Morgan xx


  1. A morning workout is a great way to start the day. Great job integrating exercise before your class. :]

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