Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Prayer Box

Hello beautiful people! Happy Wednesday. We are almost to the weekend and I have full faith that all of you can push through the rest of the week.

Today I wanted to talk about something I have been doing lately that has really helped me through my difficult times. Life isn't easy and sometimes it helps to simply write things down. 

I am a Christian and I find the power of prayer really helpful when I am struggling with something. My faith is by no means rock solid, but I do the best I can and I have really been working on going to God first with my problems. 

Something I heard that was helpful was to write your prayers out on a sticky note and to place them in a box. Once the box is full, you go through and read your prayers. It is amazing to see which ones were answered and which ones are still in progress. 

It is also a great reminder of how blessed I am. I may have some peaks and valleys, but that is life. It is how you react to the hard times that is important. This box has really opened my eyes to certain struggles and strengths that I have.  I would highly reccomend doing this if you are a visual person like me. 

Something else I find fun is to put happy occurrences in the box. They can be praises on something good that happened to you or something good that you did for another person. These always make me smile when I go back and read them. 

I know this isn't fashion or beauty related, but it is something I wanted to share. I would love to pray for any of you who may be struggling with something. Feel free to email me at with any requests you may have. I want to pray more for other people and I would love to be of any assistance to my readers. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

Morgan xx

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