Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer Scents

Hello everyone! I hope your day was a happy one. Sorry for the late post, but hey at least I am working on it :)

With the beginning of summer comes showing a little skin. No one wants to show off their pretty summer glow with flaky, scaly legs or arms. Moisturizing during these hot, dry months is crucial to healthy looking skin. 

I have some favorite summer scents that I would love to share with you. These are my go to body lotions when I am looking for something lightweight, but still corrects my dry spots. Not to mention they all have wonderful scents!

The first one is from Victoria's Secret. This is Pure Seduction from the Fantasies collection. I actually got this on sale, which made it an even better purchase. I honestly love this lotion. It smells amazing and I have people tell me I smell great when I wear it. I noticed after applying it for a few days that my skin felt smoother. I would highly reccomend this if you like fragranced body lotion. 

The next one is the famous Soap & Glory Smoothie Body Buttercream. I got this when I studied abroad in London and fell in love with the brand. This lotion is very smooth and is the best moisturizing body butter I have tried. They actually carry it at Target if you want to check it out! I really want to try some of their other products because I love this one so much. 

The third and final one is Bath and Body Works, Wild Peach Poppies. This one isn't the best compared to the other two, but it smells so summery I just had to put it in there. I love their products because of the smell, but if you are really looking to moisturize I would go with one of the other ones I mentioned. 

Those were my favorite summer scents to combat the season dryness. I would love to hear your favorite moisturizers down below in the comments. 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Morgan xx


  1. I love anything soap and glory because of the scent! I didn't realize they carried it at Target!


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