Thursday, January 5, 2017

Biker Chic

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday. It is almost the weekend, so that is something to smile about! We got a few inches of snow here in the Midwest, which is exciting to me. I love watching the snow fall. It's magical in a way.

Today I want to talk about style. My style has definitely evolved as I have gotten older. In high school I knew nothing about clothes and would wear whatever my mom picked out for me. When I got into college I became obsessed with finding unique pieces that fit my personality.

Personal style is always evolving for me. One day I will want to pursue a feminine ensemble and the next I go with an edgy biker chick look. On this fabulous Thursday I was feeling the edge.

For Christmas I received this absolutely amazing cross body bag. I wanted something that was chic, but would be practical for me to carry around campus. I am not one to carry a huge tote, so small bags are more of my speed. The bag is by Carlos Santana and was purchased at Nordstrom Rack (It is on SALE right now!!).

With the bag I paired some black leggings, black booties and a mauve top. It is a super casual look, but in my opinion the bag just completes it. The inside is quite big and I love how structured it is.

I am really excited to see how it goes with other outfits. I would love to hear about some of your Christmas gifts down below.

Have a fabulous day and stay warm out there you Midwesterners!

Morgan xx

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