Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cinderella's Slipper

Hello friends! You are only about a day and a half away from the weekend, so everyone should be getting pumped! This morning I did a wonderful yoga class, which has made me a little extra positive this afternoon. I am hoping to rub off on some of you :)

Yesterday one of my close friends stopped by to visit and brought the cutest graduation present (she is so sweet). In the present there was this little sign and it was love at first sight for me. I had seen this saying on Pinterest before and it really resonated with my recent goals.

As a little girl I loved Cinderella. The story was all about finding your prince and living happily ever after. However, the story has changed slightly in my mind. Instead of finding my prince, I want to make my own dreams come true. With the right pair of shoes, lipstick and a little ambition I think anyone can turn their life into a fairytale.

Being Cinderella doesn't mean just finding the man of your dreams. It means going out there and taking life by the reins. If you happen to find Mr. Right along the way then that's just an added bonus. I want to encourage all of you to stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen for yourself! It is something I would definitely like to improve upon.

So, in the spirit of Cinderella, these are some of the shoes that I believe could make dreams come true ;)

I hope these shoes take you places you never imagined! Thank you for reading and have a magical day. 

Morgan xx


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