Thursday, February 23, 2017

Coming In Clutch

Hello lovelies!! I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday. It is almost the weekend, so really there is nothing to be mad about :)

I haven't posted in awhile and I am dearly sorry. Honestly, I have spent every waking moment applying for jobs. This adulting thing is no easy task, let me tell you! I am just looking for the right fit for my life. Prayers would be greatly appreciated in this transition.

Today I want to talk about the clutch. In my opinion these bags are greatly overrated. I think they are perfect for day or night and they add a little flair to any old look. The one in the picture above is from Etsy. I love monograms and I think it adds something extra to this bag. I carry it whenever I go out or just want something light to take around town. 

 Clutches are great for when you don't want to carry your whole purse, but still need a place to put your phone and some lipstick (just in case you need to reapply)! Not only that, but they are so much more fun than any old bag. 

Here are some of my clutch obsessions!

With these bags it is so much easier to express yourself. People are instantly drawn to the loud colors and fun sayings. If you are in need of a little spice in your life go out and get yourself a clutch. I guarantee you will get compliments and you won't be lugging around your entire purse.  Let me know your favorite clutches down below! I am always in need of a new bag ;) 

Thank you for reading and have a joyous day!

Morgan xx

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