Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pink and Pearls

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day is beautiful and sunny. I can smell spring on the horizon and it is giving me all kinds of feels. 

If you couldn't tell spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the flowers blooming, storms rolling in and of course pastels. In fact, the colors of this wonderful season inspired this post. 

Today I want to talk about pink and pearls. I know the combination is super girly, which isn't a bad thing at all. However, it doesn't always fit every woman's personal style. I love a feminine look, so I wear the combo a lot. It just makes me feel dainty and pretty. 

If you are not into the girly look then have no fear. There are many ways to wear pink and pearls without coming off too feminine. Pair the pearls with an edgy pink leather jacket or a pair of pink trousers. This will give your look a little edge, while maintaining those classy touches. 

Instead of a typical pearl strand, switch it out for a choker or a saucier set. The amazing thing about style is that it is so easy to make your own. There are so many different takes on pink and pearls out there. Don't be afraid to tweak and turn it to fit you. 

Whether it's classic or new age I think pink and pearls will always be in style. I would love to hear how you wear the combo in the comments. 

Have a peachy day!

Morgan xx

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