Friday, June 16, 2017

Beat the Heat

Hello friends! Happy Friday. I am sure all of you are ecstatic for the weekend. Make this day the best one out of the week and finish strong. I am honestly so proud of myself for this post streak. I have been working really hard to post everyday and I am loving it. I hope I can keep the consistency going. If there is ever anything you guys would like me to post about please feel free to comment or to email me! I love suggestions :)

So this morning was a little rough. Lately I have been failing to commit to workouts throughout my week. Basically I do a workout whenever I feel like it and that just isn't going to help me reach my goals. I have been researching and a lot of people say they love the Nike Training App. Naturally, I downloaded it and decided to start one of their workout plans. Each plan is catered to how much activity you have time for, the equipment available, and what you would like to accomplish. I love this because it is so adaptable to my life and schedule. 

This morning was my very first workout and boy am I out of shape! I had no idea how much I had let myself drift after the mini marathon last month. This workout was a simple body weight routine that mainly focused on abs and the lower body. That seems like it would be pretty simple, but add in 83 degree heat and 60% humidity and the struggle is real. This is a safe space and I know I can be honest with you guys, so let me tell you I was dripping sweat (ewww). 

I felt really strong after the workout, but I was scorching. I honestly didn't know how to cool myself down. After a bottle of water and sitting in the air conditioning for awhile I started to finally chill. That got me thinking about today's post. 

If you are like me sometimes you have no idea what to wear in this boiling weather especially when humidity is present. I want to enjoy my time outside, but I would prefer not to melt. So, today I want to share a summer outfit idea. 

Like everyone else, I have been loving the strappy bralettes. They are so comfortable and make any simple t-shirt just a little more stylish. I would wear this black bralette with some soft denim shorts and a super soft V-neck. This is such a great look because it is casual and cute! Not only that, but the materials are lightweight, which means you will beat the summer heat.  For accessories I would go with a effortless chain and a clutch

I would love to hear about your favorite cool summer outfit down below. 

Thank you for reading and have a chill day!

Morgan xx

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