Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Fun

Good morning friends! Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing dads out there. I hope there are many hugs and kisses in your future. Today is your day! In my opinion, my dad is the absolute best. Now I know everyone says that, but I really do think he is the most amazing (I could be biased). Dad if you are reading this thank you for blaring Jimmy Buffet, making the best chocolate chip pancakes and always reminding me to go after what I want. I love you and I am so blessed to have you as a parent. I hope you have a day filled with bike rides and peanut butter. 

I love holidays that celebrate the ones we love. It really puts things into perspective in regards to how lucky we are. One of my new goals is to appreciate people more everyday instead of once a year. I want to say I love you frequently and remind people how much I care about them. My friends and family should know that I adore them everyday of the year. I challenge all of you to do the same. 

My plans for Father's Day are pretty simple. I will probably spend most of the day eating and the rest just relaxing with my family. I love to go out, but on Sundays sometimes it is nice to lay around the house and chow down on yummy food. That is the perfect Father's Day if you ask me. 

I don't want to look like a complete slob just in case extended family comes over to enjoy the festivities. Today I wanted to share an example of a simple, but stylish Sunday outfit. My mom was recently in St. Louis and picked me up this adorable boho top. I love it because the colors are the perfect combination of light and dark. They almost remind me of fall, which brings so much joy to my heart. Is it too early to be wishing for the fall season? I think not. 

I would pair this top with some lightweight jeans and small wedged sandals. Due to the fact that the shirt has print I would keep the jewelry to a minimum. I think I am going to pair it with my Alex and Ani bracelets and my favorite gold necklace

I am so glad that I was able to post today. I am sure all of you have fun plans, so please go and enjoy time with your family. They are the most important. I would love to hear about your Father's Day festivities in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day. 

Morgan xx

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